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Upstate, NY

TR Sky Shadow: Found this guy for $20 at the local Walmart and couldn't pass him up at that price. I was going to skip him for Overlord but I'm glad I didn't. If anything Sky Shadow made me more excited for Overlord. He's a big chunky figure with pretty okay articulation. His jet is very "Swoosh-able" and the tank rolls decently well. The only let down is that the tank turret does not rotate, but I understand why that is. Over all I'm glad I picked this guy up.

TR Octone: Snagged him at a different Walmart because I missed Universe Tankor (Octane) the first time around and didn't feel like spending the $50 on him. Octone is...interesting. His jet mode suffers from his triple changing nature, but his other two modes are just fine. Over all I'm pleased with him and he'll be a fine addition to my triple changers line up.

TR Blitzwing: After the poor showing of Generations Blitzwing I felt a replacement was needed. Titans Return gave me one I was happy to snap up and put on my shelf. I dare say he looks better then the Generations one AND lacks the shoulder flaws of the older one.

Now all I need to do is track down a Broadside.
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