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And despite loving him so much she shags a holodeck version of him, she doesn't know the real Chakotay is vegetarian.

But why would the writers remember he's a vegetarian when it was last mentioned as long ago as two episodes previously?

It was also nice finally, finally, after six and a half years, for Janeway to get some sex with an actual real flesh and blood person in that two parter that was basically The Killing Game but "What if the aliens who give them all false personalities put them to work in a factory rather than an episode of Allo Allo?"

When Janeway was at it with that hologram (everyone on this show is shagging on the holodeck. No wonder Barclay likes them), the Doctor encouraging her to go at it was a really weird scene because for all he prattled on about love transending boundaries it was basically a lengthy chat about how sex dolls are great as it was impossible to take Irish O'Irish seriously as anything but a hard light dildo with legs.
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