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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
I'd still like to know how the **** Scoop got in there.
I vaguely remember hearing that the process went something like this: We need a Construction vehicle in the line! -> No, we can't make one of the Constructicons! We're making a Devastator next year! -> No, we can't make Armada Scavenger, there's already too much Armada stuff in the wave! -> Screw it, just pick someone whose trademark we can get easily!

And so we got Scoop. Which was awesome! Except for the part where I had to paint a whole bunch of him because his yellow was anemic and they made the shovel orange. And also the part where his transformation is awful and his alt-mode doesn't hold together.

At least he looks good hanging out with TR toys.

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
The main toy I want is just a proper Nightbeat. Not a head. Not a Bumblebee repaint. I'll live with him sharing with Jazz if he must.
Chromedome would have made a great base figure, if he has to be a repaint. The transformation and proportions are pretty close, just give him a new face and chestplate and you're good.
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