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I remember a friend of mine complained about that episode because of how uncharacteristically horny Janeway was in that episode. The Oyland episode, not Workforce.

But then, it's not like consistent characterization is one of Voyager's defining traits. I always did find the relationship between Seven and Chakotay really did come out of nowhere, and it's just one of the many things that are just left hanging at the series finale.

In one hand, I kinda wish Elite Force II had just kept the Voyager setting because the Enterprise-E setting was pretty much wasted since only Picard and Barclay show up out of all the TNG characters and it might've given us some kind of a proper epilogue to Voyager, but in the other, I shouldn't have to settle with what is essentially non-canon EU for some kind of resolution.

Still, I'm tempted to read some of those DS9 novels that continue where the TV show left off. Sisko just bugging off and leaving behind a son, a wife and an unborn child left me wanting.
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