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Originally Posted by Tetsuro View Post
Still, I'm tempted to read some of those DS9 novels that continue where the TV show left off. Sisko just bugging off and leaving behind a son, a wife and an unborn child left me wanting.
The novels were really good, and did a great job of carrying on the dangling threads left at the end of the series and making a compelling story out of them, and as long as you don't mind that half of the cast is original characters (which is a given considering how the show ended) and that they rope in Ro Laren on a flimsy pretext, it was an enjoyable run. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that for about a decade, the DS9 "relaunch" novels were the best thing going in Star Trek fiction. But Pocket had a major editorial shakeup and the series just, that's not even the right word. The series just stops in the most unsatisfying place possible, with a major conflict looming that was set up to pay off plot hooks that they'd been setting for about six years.

The good news is that the series is broadly divided into two "seasons", plot-wise. The first season (from Avatar to Unity) addresses most of what you want to know, and does so quite well. Taken on its own merits it's satisfying as all hell, and in a lot of ways Unity felt to me like the ending that the TV show should have had in the first place. The second season is kind of a mess. It spends a lot of time addressing loose ends from the previous books that probably didn't need addressing as an excuse to do character development (no great sin in an ongoing series that was set to run in perpetuity, but knowing what actually happened...), and once the plot really starts rolling...the axe fell because the new editor wanted to rope all of the 24th century Trek cast into the dire Borgfest that the TNG relaunch had become, and to do that they had to time-skip the DS9 people three years forward with zero closure and zero regard for the fact that it was their most popular series and their readers had been following it religiously for a decade.

(Yes, I'm still mad.)

As long as you either stop at Unity or go into the later stuff accepting that you won't get any payoff, it's worth reading.

Originally Posted by Unicron View Post
The ending to Voyager always bugged me. They made it back to Earth, yippee. And then what? Aside from Janeway becoming an Admiral, we know nothing of what happened to anyone. Did anyone else get promoted? Were the Maquis arrested on arrival? Was the Doctor shipped off to mining duty like his brothers?
I like to think that Harry Kim was still an ensign well into his 50s. I mean, if what he did during the run of the show hadn't earned him a promotion...

I get that there's not much room for advancement on a solo ship lost on the wrong side of the galaxy, but hell, Tuvok and Paris both got promotions through the course of the series (in Tom's case, after being very deservingly demoted). Janeway could have at least tossed an extra pip the guy's way out of sympathy. How much must it have sucked to watch the convict who's been stripped of his rank twice get made a lieutenant again while he's stuck being an ensign for life?
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