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Well, if Star Trek Online can be considered canon(it probably can't, if for no other reason than your character goes from lieutenant junior grade to Fleet Admiral in less than a year. Jeez, people get promoted fast after the TOS era....), Tuvok becomes an Admiral, both Harry Kim and Tom Paris are Captains, I think Tom's daughter is a Lieutenant Commander, Seven's doing scientific type stuff, and Neelix is.....well....still Neelix.

I still can't believe that part. Less than a year. You stop a war with the Klingons, fight a very brief war with the Borg, fight a major war with the Vardwaar, fight a "If we don't win this, what the Dominion invasion would have done to us is nothing" war against the Iconians, and at the end of it all.... I'd guess it's been maybe 4 months since you graduated from Starfleet Academy.

Out of utter curiousity, is this editorial shakeup why they're haven't been any New Frontier books for a while?

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