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TR Sergeant Kup w/ Flintlock
I liked the look of Kup and am glad I picked him up. Clever transformation, pinned wheels that don't look like crap and a good robot mode. Job done. Only the fists flapping about on the truck bed area bit rubbish.

RID Bludegon
Proper colours version of the toy previously released as Blastcharge. Good figure, although as expected, the plastics don't feel quite as nice as on Blastcharge. So boo for that.

RID Thermindor
This is a superb figure let down only by the use of the soft rubber for the anntenae get snagged in the transformation which makes a bit of a mess of them. Nice design and good alt mode overall

Telemocha Beast Wars Blackarachnia
Keep forgetting to post this one and I've had it for 2 months! Found a decently affordable one finally. The toy looks so much nicer painted up like in the show, but it does kind of show up how this mould is far too bulky for Blackarachnia.

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