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I'd like to see some more Generations Beast Wars toys. After pooh-pooing them, I've been really impressed with Rhinox, Ratttrap and Waspinator, so it'd be nice to get some nice new versions of the 'Season 1' cast bodies - Tarantulas, Inferno and what have you.

I'd like to see Scorponok, so fingers crossed he comes out for Prime Wars. The Terrorcons and Predacons I'd like to see updated.

Some of the less obvious stuff from the European lines would be most welcome too. I liked that custom Stalker someone made Thew from the TR Hardhead mould was cool, so that would do if Hasbro want to give it a go!

I'd like a Ruckus and Crankcase also. And proper new Pretenders (not loads, maybe just the ones that had a decent showing in the comics - Skullgrin and so on), not those farty little Legends things we saw previewed for Prime Wars.
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