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Originally Posted by Clay View Post
I've happily eaten crow over a number of things I'd sworn they would never make.
Same here. If you'd told me even three or four years ago that Hasbro would have done an entire line of nothing but Headmasters I would have laughed at you. Even Combiner Wars seemed outlandish when they first announced it.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
I was thinking that, as much as they put thought into molds doing double-duty with a bit of retooling, a voyager G2 Megatron would be a snap to turn into Impactor. Parts layout is the same, so they'd just need a new head, shoulder cannon, and hook hand.
That's a great point, actually. Big chest, boxy legs, shoulder cannon, tank'd be a natural fit.

I always assume that a new G2 Megs would be Leader-class, because the 90s toy was so gargantuan compared to the rest of the G2 line that I always think of him as being massive, and he was pretty damn big in the G.I. Joe crossover too. But the design is simple enough that it would work fine as a Voyager, and I don't think he was any bigger than Optimus in the actual G2 comics.

But whatever size they make him, they need to steal the engineering from the Classics Deluxe that gave it a functional rotating turret! There's been way too many "tanks" in recent lines that are nothing but completely nonfunctional blocks.
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