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Chromedome would have scowled, had he a face. There was Sixshot, ripe for the revenging, and he was stuck in vehicle mode, being made to keep watch over Sentinel.

Not that Sentinel was actually doing anything, but still......

But no, Stylor had to pull his weapon activator module, and was making it obvious that there was no way he was going to transform.

On the up side, at least Stylor wasn't prepping to overhaul him. Again.


"In charge? Me?" Stylor looked around at the makeshift camp. "I'll do what I can, Furos."

Throne Room, Ruins of Darkmount:

Liokaiser strode into the largely destroyed room, much of the wreckage having been formed into a throne fit for a combiner, and sat.

And thought.

He needed to plan, that much he understood. The gnats buzzing around in his subconscious were certainly making plans.

There were times he wished he could talk to them. They were few and far between, since most of their activity seemed to be aimed at getting him to disengage from combined mode, which was definately bad for him, but he knew, as well as they, that there was something seriously wrong with him.

He could remember tests, vaguely. Scientists talking about how they'd beaten the problem. He remembered being smart. Remembered in the simulations how well his mind had worked with Leozak's, the feeling of completion the first time they'd formed his body, his mind expanding with the rest of the team adding their parts of his mind to make his whole, their minds forming his subconscious. The first combiner to not have several mind smashed into one raging monster amalgam of several minds.

And how everything had immediately gone to hell.

He remembered feeling his mind diminish, no clue why. Given what all of the other Combiners had been reduced to, mindless, ravening monsters, he was in comparatively good shape. But being the smartest idiot on a planet full of idiots still meant you were an idiot.

But what he needed was information. And he had an idea of how to get it.
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