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I just can't figure out what Hasbro were going for with the colours. The Takara one is aiming for show accuracy, so it's not that, and it's not toy-accurate in the slightest either since the original toy had four very distinct shades of blue on it. Not all that close to the Marvel look, either. But whatever it's meant to be, the mold is available in six other, more exciting colour schemes.
The Takara version is more lively, but I liked the blue/green-ness of the hasbro one just as well. Looking at pictures, I would prefer the takara version too, but it's not a make-or-break difference to me.

I don't mind it for Blurr, actually. It's a neat take on the shield that the original toy came with, and if you don't want to use it as an accessory it folds away neatly into a backpack. I think that combining two guns into the TM sled works a lot better for most characters, though. If only because it means that Hasbro needs to give everyone two guns!
Yeah, Blurr isn't that bad about it since the shield is fairly small, but it's a little ridiculous for Brainstorm. I think it's the way it mounts on the arm that doesn't look right to me.
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