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"I appreciate the concern, Hardhead." Perceptor replied as he transformed into his mobile artillery changeform. "Yet I do not believe that such an endeavour is necessary -- while Ginrai is equipped with exceptionally cutting age technology, I have ascertained the problems with my sensor modules prior to this conversation. It was a combination of multiple factors -- the extreme pressures that involves a single-man descent through Cybertron's stratosphere, the depolarizing shockwave from the ion blasts of the gestalts, and the inherent disruptive elements of the radiation-blasted terrain of Cybertron."

Perceptor paused. "My Headmaster affiliate is, at the moment, attempting to rewire and reboot the relevant systems. By the time we reach Optimus Prime, they should have been reset to maximum efficiency."

"I am here too, you know." Convex complained.

Sixshot glared at Chromedome, but said nothing. He was aware how silly he looked glaring at an immobile car, but he glowered nonetheless. It was better than trying to think of what to do next. That was more of Deathsaurus or Megatron's problem, not his. He was the gun, not the hand that aimed it.
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