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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Hilariously bad attempt to disguise the actress playing Tessa pegging it. Just say she's in hiding somewhere and be done with it, don't come up with some idiocy about how she's sitting down for her exams a few states over from a ****ing robot war without anyone going "hey, you know the guy we're after who'll do anything for his daughter? Why don't we, like, make some use of that?".
I was surprised to be told that was actually the actress from the last one on the phone as I'd assumed they were working around her telling them to **** off. Which means she actually beats Simmons in the phoning in her performance stakes.

EDIT: Looking at the box office it's not *that* bad, is it?
I hope the dip does make give them a kick up the arse, all the problems with this one are basically the same problems every single person pointed out with the last only turned up slightly. I quite enjoyed the film still, but there was a bit too much of a sense of them thinking they could get away with anything. Simply a tighter plot (or at least tighter editing) would make a world of difference.

Mind, I think the "AT LAST PEOPLE KNOW THEY'RE SHIT!!!" folks (which is the equivalent of, saying "The box office failure of Star Trek V proves no one ever really liked Star Trek") are going to be disappointed. If Paramount do a knee jerk reaction it's far more likely they'll make the next one more like the earlier proven Bay films--which come to think of it, the Bumblebee film probably will be but set in the 80's--than suddenly going all G1.
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