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Some pictures from Hascon:

Power of the Primes Optimus and the Dinobots!

Colour me impressed. The Deluxe Dinobots look a ton like their 80s figures, but with better proportions and articulation, and they did a great job hiding the fact that they're combiners. Swoop makes me sad, but only because they gave him a blue chest.

Grimlock looks miles better than the blocky, stiff torso-bots we got in Combiner Wars. He actually looks like he'd be an enjoyable toy to mess around with on his own, which I can't really say for Silverbolt, Hot Spot or Onslaught.

Optimus looks pretty close to what I've wanted from a Generations Optimus since they launched the line. He's still got a bit of arm kibble going on and the trailer is a little weak, but Combiner Wars and Titans Return set the bar so low for Optimus figures that this looks like a big step up in comparison.

And here's some more pics of stuff we've already seen, like Rodimus, Jazz, Darkwing and Dreadwind. Also some movie stuff, not sure if it's new or not. The HFTD-Terradive-as-G2-Space-Case really caught my eye, because it seems to be done in solid colours this time!

No Terrorcons yet. I'm assuming at least some of them will be Dinobot retools.


Pics from the TF panel.

Prime's got a pretty big backpack. Apparently his cab turns into Orion Pax.

Dinobots' combined mode looks kinda m'eh, but who's buying them to combine?
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