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Cinema in general is on a bit of a downturn and I think a lot of franchise stuff is on the cusp of if not a slump then a steady downturn. Superhero stuff for example just isn't special anymore - Homecoming took millions but I think Marvel were expecting Spidermania. This stuff just isn't *special* anymore. Regarding Transformers, a downturn was always inevitable. I'd agree Hasbro/Paramount are much more likely to look at reigning spending in (no need for Marky Mark as films with unknowns in the lead didn't do badly, calm down the plots). More than any of the others TLK wastes an ungodly amount of money on Transformers that really, really don't do anything. At the same time it might just be that this is it, the wider public have had enough of transforming robots for now. While I think the film was terrible neither that nor Bay's style had been a problem in itself before and IMO it's delusional to think a back-to-G1 "Batman Begins" approach will work because G1 simply doesn't have the following or credo Batman does.

They also need to make them shorter, really. TLK must have been three hours with trailers; lots of people will stay at home and just watch three episodes of Thrones instead. TV is probably the most serious threat to cinema it's ever been with closing production values and casting pull, the response is not to fatigue the audience. I spent about the last hour of TLK just hoping it ended soon.

If Bumblebee's been part of a clandestine Autobot organisation since at least WW2, with Hot Rod kicking around, wouldn't it have been easier to use their huge resources to recover Archibald's glasses or just have the ****ed-out old luvvie buying them rather than Batsignalling for Autobot High Command? If Bumblebee's been on Earth sixty years for the first film he's a ****wit who basically loses the Allspark; the only way the '07 film has even a strand of logic in its' set-up is if the Autobots are ignorant of Earth. This is why I hate these sort of retcons.
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