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Yeah, Blurr isn't that bad about it since the shield is fairly small, but it's a little ridiculous for Brainstorm. I think it's the way it mounts on the arm that doesn't look right to me.
Yeah, for my Brainstorm I just treat it like a backpack and never remove it from the joint.

Thanks to having stocked the wave finally, I've got TR Quake finally. And even though he's just Hardhead with a new face, I'm really impressed. The robot mode is a really good fit for Quake if you use the tank cannon as a rifle, and his colours are beautiful. The tank mode is still 100% Hardhead, and I wish he'd gotten new weapons to make him a bit more disinct, but considering he's a low-effort repaint it's impressive how good a job the figure does of representing the character.

It's surprising how few straight repaints we got in the larger size classes for Titans Return, actually. Quake, Krok, Getaway and Sentinel were the only ones I can think of, and all of the other reuses have gotten some pretty significant remolding. The Legends and Titan Masters had a fair bit of straight reuse, but it's nice that they're going to more effort to make the more expensive figures distinctive. I'm guessing that Quake and Krok got the short end of the stick because they were also shortpacked.
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