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Fracas shrugged and bit down into the previously offered stick as he shuffled on back to Scourge, lazily jumping up and vaulting onto the larger mechs shoulders before taking a seat "Geeze you'd think that we were trying to kill these autobots." he laughed lazily at Diac's dismissal of the small treat.

"Do you ever not intend to get under someones plating and needle them til they want to slag you?" he partner asked which just made Fracas laugh hard enough to draw some minor attention to the duo "Oh Scourge my dear targetmast, I think you already know the answer to that question already don't you?" he asked.


After a long while of just sitting alone with his thoughts and some of Teslors emotions bleeding in, Brainstorm slowly rose to his feet and let out a long shuddering sigh. While what had happened to that gestalt was a tragedy but dammit he shouldn't focus on that while there were others here he could still help. Whether it be maintaining weapons, modest repairs, or possibly jury rigging up a way to escape.

He popped on his comn to the Autobots frequency and sent out a message "This is Brainstorm and Teslor checking in, Anything we can do to help?"


Sub Orbit

Starscream snarled and kicked on his thrusters as hard as he could as he moved to make a high speed boarding maneuver with the ship. Oh he was going to have to have a serious talk with the engineers about stealth systems so he could avoid having to perform this annoyance of a task. He gunned his thrusters until they were red lining and he skidded down for a hard landing inside the hanger of the ship. The air commander would need a few cycles to recover before he could get up and ssume proper command of the ship. And perhaps a few extra ones to clean up the damage Waspinator had done to his cockpit.
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