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Are most G1 collectors even able to afford the G1 toys? There's so expensive. Is it worth it?

If fans were not able to afford G1 Omega Supreme which cost $100 back in the day, how can they possibly afford these Masterpieces, Combiner Wars, and Takara figures and re-releases?

Well, given that most fans were in the 5- 10 age range in the 1980s, its unlikely many of us will have had sufficient disposable income to afford big toys and will have been reliant on parents/ relatives buying toys - which after bills and whatnot wont have been a high priority.

And now we're grown ups and have jobs and a little disposable income, we can either buy or save up to by figures we want.

In answer to your other questions, I like Shockwave and ...I'm sure we've had this conversation before, but Galvatron could more than likely beat Shockwave.
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