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Originally Posted by Marisa View Post
Can the G1 Predacons/Predaking beat the G1 Combaticons/Bruticus?

Which is the better toy set?
As individual action figures the G1 Combaticons have slightly more possibility than the individual Predacons, but as combiners Predaking has more possibility than Bruticus but you can't alter the limbs around on Predaking though.

I like G1 toys Galvatron in his movie colors and G1 Shockwave. Both are equipped with electronics. Which is the better G1 toy?
Get the Transformers: Masterpiece version of Shockwave. Way cooler than G1 Galvatron or Shockwave also a lot cheaper.

Why can't Hasbro/Takara add more effects to the G1 toys, like what was done to the Star Trek: The Original Series episodes having modern special effects added to them?
They did. The show was called Transformers: Generation 2 and the CGI "enhancements" sucked.

Why can't this be done with all are G1 toys, cartoons, and comics?
Some of the G1 toys can't be reissued due to the molds being lost, badly damaged, or destroyed. That was because at the time Hasbro and/or Takara didn't see any value to keeping the molds in mint condition at the time and Hasbro and/or Takara needed to make room. Some toys can't be reissued due to stricter safety laws in the US that is why G1 and Masterpiece Megatron hasn't been officially released in the USA. If you do buy them online they have to be opened and then have an orange cap hot glued to the gun barrel and silencer. If you import them without the orange safety mods then you can get in some serious trouble with the US Government. The stricter safety laws is why G1 Fort Max couldn't pass a drop test in 2001 and that was why he didn't get re-released in the US with the 2k1 version of Transformers: Robots in Disguise line. You can buy an Encore version of Fort Max with no legal trouble just be ready to pay a lot for shipping and handling he's a heavy guy.

In some cases like with Jetfire they don't own the rights to that mold. Bandai originally made the G1 Jetfire toy for the Macross line in Japan and when Macross became the first part of Robotech in the US Harmony Gold, the owners of Robotech weren't happy that couldn't sell a toy based on the most popular mech in that series, but that is legal mess I don't want to get into because:
1) I'm not a lawyer.
2) It's extremely complicated and messy.

IIRC IDW tried to recolored the Marvel US Comics in their TPBs series but sometimes the recoloring made the thing worse than what the original colorist did and that is quite a feat right there. Some of it is the different artists (there were what 15 artists on the first 12 issues) with different styles and recoloring all 80 issues and all the mini-series would be expensive provided you can get a highly competent colorist would re-color over 90 issues and if IDW could get all of the original artwork back (which is highly unlikely due to be sold, lost, or destroyed by Marvel and/or the original artists themselves) or extremely hi-res scans for the colorist to work from.

As I mentioned above some of the episodes of the G1 cartoon were "enhanced" but it's distracting and offers NOTHING to help show.

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