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It seems like He-man's Power Sword is the only sword that has proven to be indestructible.

The Stone in She-ra's Sword of Protection was able to be cracked, rendering it impotent.

Lionel's Sword of Omens: the blade has been broken and the Eye of Thundara in its hilt has been de-powered, impaled by Excalibur.

Even the blade of Excalibur has been broken, in the movie.

The Sword of Power has never been broken. It does not have the weak spot of a gem. And the Power Sword has been thrown in the foundry to try to melt it down, with no effect.

Does this mean He-man's Sword of Power is simply the best, better than all the rest, because it's simpler and has a simple design?

Is plainer, simpler better when it comes to sword design? Does introducing complexity (e.g. a gem or jewel) or an added feature (e.g. making the sword extendible and retractable) make the sword weaker or more vulnerable?

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