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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
Hun-grrr is absolutely heartbreaking. Did they...did they actually make him out of Silverbolt? Because it kinda looks like they made him from Silverbolt. The beast mode is infinitely worse than the 80s figure, the robot is a poor likeness and I can't see the torso mode being very Abominusesque either. Maybe it'll look better in colour but right now I can't remember the last time a figure I was looking forward to disappointed me this much.
I've seen one pic comparing Hun-grr to a Silverbolt fan mode, and they look pretty similar, complete with bot-heels forming the lower jaws. I don't know if the fan mode was done before or after the Hun-grr pics came out. I just hope Blot isn't based on the Rook fan mode I've seen.

Hun-grr's bot mode looks alright. He lacks the original's round shoulders, which would have made him stand out from the other blocky torsos. The tail on the chest is new, but it works. The beast forelegs are too small, and the necks are too big. I like the spine spikes inside the flaps that cover the connector ports in the bot knees.

You can see a little of Abominus' chest on the inner bot legs. I'll miss the beast heads on Abominus' knees. It seems like a straight update of the G1 design would've been easier and worked better, though. Just add the Abominus chest to the beast underside/robot back, lock the arms in place in combined mode, and hide Abominus' head in Hun-grr's torso. Maybe make it a helmet that fits over Hun-grr's head, like TR leaders.

For the Dino limbs, it looks like they just took the G1 designs, replaced the Diaclone cockpits with combiner connectors, and added joints. Good. I'm less impressed with Grimlock as a torso, though I do like the T-Rex arms as shoulder kibble. Pics from the back show the shoulder holding Snarl sagging. Hopefully that means it's a prototype issue, and the release will have stronger joints to hold it in place.

Pics from the back also show Volcanicus' hands having two thumbs, presumably to help with limb swapping. I'd've prefered a single thumb that can change sides, like with HFGs.

Volcanicus' chest looks too busy, with the T-Rex head, hip joints, and spare hands all crammed together. Usually, gestalt chests look like a single, unified piece which offsets the inconsistent look of the rest of the figure. Maybe all the Dinobots having the same color scheme will help.

I'll get all 5 Dinobots anyway, just to have them as individual figures. I don't know how often I'll combine them, though. Maybe Dinobot shades of red and grey will make them a good fit for Optimus Maximus limbs.

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