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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Can you imagine how pleasant the rest of Hascon probably was while that dinner was on?

Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
I like the look of Rippersnapper. I didn't think Hun-Grrr looked that bad, but you're right, not the greatest looking toy. Primal looks interesting, especially the Optimal form and Moonracer's just kind of ...okay.
The thing is...Hun-grrr was one of my favourite toys when I was a kid, I still have him and even though he's 30 years old now I still think he's a great toy. So my standards for an update are a lot higher than, I dunno, Quake or Hot Spot or someone. And even just comparing the new figure to the official art it's easy to see how it could have been better.

Originally Posted by Tantrum View Post
I've seen one pic comparing Hun-grr to a Silverbolt fan mode, and they look pretty similar, complete with bot-heels forming the lower jaws. I don't know if the fan mode was done before or after the Hun-grr pics came out. I just hope Blot isn't based on the Rook fan mode I've seen.
Considering how they transform, I wouldn't be surprised if Blot was based on Rippersnapper, just boxier.

I have to admit, the first thing I did once I saw Hun-grrr was to break down my Superion so that I could try out Silverbolt's dragon mode. Wasn't impressed.

Originally Posted by Tantrum View Post
Hun-grr's bot mode looks alright. He lacks the original's round shoulders, which would have made him stand out from the other blocky torsos. The tail on the chest is new, but it works. The beast forelegs are too small, and the necks are too big. I like the spine spikes inside the flaps that cover the connector ports in the bot knees.
The beast legs are pretty weedy, and I don't know why they'd put the tail on his chest when everything else in the line is so slavishly accurate. The dragon necks are what really bug me, though. In the original (and this one's art!) they're the same thickness throughout, which really helps them look like, you know, actual necks. But since they cribbed Silverbolt's torso transformation, his shins have to fold over his thighs, and the end result looks like some guy with a couple hand puppets.

Also really disappointed at the torsobots' lack of any real accessories. The Grimlock on display doesn't seem to have a sword or a G1ish gun like the limbs, just those scuzzy foot-guns. And the same goes for Hun-grrr, who's really going to look bare without the original's huge shield and big-ass cannon.

Originally Posted by Tantrum View Post
For the Dino limbs, it looks like they just took the G1 designs, replaced the Diaclone cockpits with combiner connectors, and added joints.
A stroke of brilliance, that. I'd never thought about how conducive the original designs were to adding combiner ports. It barely even impacts their look at all.
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