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Originally Posted by Brendocon 2.0 View Post
Yeah, I'm sure they announced other stuff but my brain only has room for this right now.

Psylocke looks...well, she looks as good as she can given the engineering that Hasbro uses, but the ridiculous thong will never not look awful in combination with the cut of the female Legends figures' hips. The psychic weapon accessories are great, though.

I cannot believe they made 80s mohawk Storm and not the 70s or 90s versions that all the fanboys were begging for. I thought I was the only one who wanted this version of the character! The lightning effects are awesome, even if they look really weird on this particular outfit since Ororo only had powers for about the first week that she wore it.

I hope Wolverine comes with an alternate head, either the neutral one from the brown-suit figure or an unmasked one (not the awful modern one that they're recycling in the vintage series figure!) The angry face they showed off is great, but it'll really restrict what poses the figure will look good in. I definitely like the look of brown Wolverine more, but this one is good too and it's not like I can't own multiple figures of Canada's best superhero.

Overall, a really good start to the wave! I get the feeling all three of these will be pretty hard to find, so hopefully the rest of the wave is good enough that I can justify just buying a case and skipping retail entirely. Even though I'd then be stuck with a figure of that moron Apocalypse.
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