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Originally Posted by Marisa View Post
If Beast Wars was better, then why do the G1 characters dominate the marketplace (i.e. Toys, comics, movies, and cartoons)?
They are often incorporated into G1 Optimus Primal won the fan contest to be in Power of the Primes line beating every G1 characters like Hound, Megatron, Star Saber, and Arcee

There have been new toys of Waspinator, Dinobot, Cheetor, Rhinox, and Rattrap in Generations line, and almost all of them along Tigertron, Airrazor, and Blackarchina have all appeared in the IDW G1 Comics.
Waspinator has also appeared in Transformers: Animated TV show.

My theory is that G1 popped our Transformers cherries back in the 80's. It was our first love. It'll never be better than that, like the first shot of heroin.
My first Transformers wasn't the same as yours and vice versa. I love G1 and always will but Beast Wars is where I became a Transformers fan for life.

Also, it's hard for us G1 purists to get past the look of the Beast Wars cartoon, the bad CGI. It was a real eyesore.
Some of the early backgrounds in the series hasn't aged well at all, but overall the characters and action scenes still hold up remarkable well. In some ways I think they look better than Transformers: Prime.

I also did not like the Power Rangers-like callout, for example, "Maximize!" That was really cheesy. It detracted from the credibility of the show, for me.
It's no more annoying than "Autobots Transform and roll out!" or "Decepticons Attack!"
Then may I suggest that you never watch Headmasters, Masterforce, Victory, Zone, Beast Wars II, Beast Wars Neo, or any of the series in Japanese because they do that all the time.

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