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Diac resisted the urge to unsheath his blade-arms at Fracas's comment about killing him and Optimus. Truce, he reminded himself. If Optimus Prime himself, the beacon of justice, could not withstand himself from breaking a truce, what chance, then, does the notion of peace have?

But I am not Optimus Prime. I am Diac.

But at the same time, Optimus Prime IS me.

Diac didn't laugh as Scourge and Fracas joked, but he didn't say anything that would antagonize the two. They might be Decepticons, but they are keeping their word for the moment. He just wished his allies would reach them sooner rather than later.

"Brainstorm." Perceptor mentally frowned as the other scientist's message reached his frequency. Perceptor's opinion on Brainstorm was twofold -- on one hand, Perceptor absolutely detested Brainstorm's unorthodox methods. There are certain aspects to experimentation and discovery that were grounded in rules for a reason. Yet on the other hand, Perceptor in the same breath, Perceptor admired Brainstorm's ability to create some certainly unconventional weaponry and inventions -- Pereceptor just disliked the fact that he had to acknowledge that Brainstorm's more sporadic methods had merit to them. He was a fellow Autobot, and a reliable one, and that was what mattered at this juncture.

"Brainstorm, this is Perceptor." Perceptor replied. "I am with Hardhead and Furos."

"(And Convex.)" Perceptor's partner muttered under his breath from where he's perched on top of Perceptor's vehicle mode.

"We are currently en route to secure what we believe to be Optimus Prime and Diac's last known location, where he allegedly is under the 'care' of Decepticons. We will retrieve them -- aggressively if required. Your assistance will definitely be appreciated."
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