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Originally Posted by Tantrum View Post
The beast mode pic shows some stuff on the underside (I'm guessing Abominus' head/torso), which might get in the way of folding the tail there. The necks could work depending on the deco. Maybe they'll look like lions' manes, but made out of scales. I wouldn't mind larger necks, or smaller forelegs, but having both makes each problem look worse.
If they'd made the thighs a bit thicker, I think the necks would look a lot more natural. The thick "shin" parts are about as thick as Hun-grrr's legs should be, IMO.

Originally Posted by Tantrum View Post
It'd be odd if the torsos didn't have any other accessories, since that would leave the combined form without a weapon. Maybe the Legends class figure is it, but all the CW torsos came with a pair of weapons that combined to make a gestalt weapon.
Starscream comes with his null rays, so it's strange that Grimlock and Hun-grrr don't seem to have any normal guns of their own. But they're not in the pics so far.

Originally Posted by Tantrum View Post
Hun-grr won't have his shield, but that was just a way to make use of Abominus kibble, anyway. I'm happy to give that up for less partsforming.
Partsforming isn't inherently bad. In this case it seems like the bits that used to partsform are just added kibble in both robot and beast modes, leaving him with an ugly robot mode and a pregnant-looking dragon mode, and no badass shield. It's especially disappointing because this mold is probably going to get retooled into Snaptrap, who had an equally awesome shield, and this means he's probably not getting it either.
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