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"Yeah." Convex replied to Furos, his faceplate hiding his scowl. "I worked under him -- used to idolize him, actually. The war's not been kind to his psyche."

"Idolization, and such emotions that I have purged from my mind, are mere distractions that could cost you your life in battle, Convex." Perceptor chided his Titan Master. "And, no- I respectfully disagree. I was not like this before I became a Titan Master. I was... weaker. More foolish. More impulsive. Those were mistakes. I have became something else."

Like Hardhead, Perceptor's light cannon immediately tracked Scourge, picking the larger Transformer as the threat. Strange, Perceptor thought. He does not appear to be a Titan Master. It would be highly inefficient in times like this... yet it's Decepticon resources that he is wasting.

Diac stood up from where he was sitting as Perceptor, Hardhead and their respective Titan Masters walked up. Part of him, the part that was more Diac than Optimus Prime, wanted them to shoot Scourge. Shoot Scourge and Fracas, end them before they can inevitably break the truce and backstab them. Launch mortar shells straight into their head, stab a blade into their eyeballs and rip their skulls into two, slice their arms off and beat them with it...

No. That would not be the thing Optimus Prime does.

Am I turning into Optimus Prime?

Or am I just thinking more like Optimus Prime?

"Autobots." Diac said, nodding appreciatively. "How are our other forces?" Then, in quick response to Hardhead's question, he added, "Optimus Prime is damaged, but functional. He would require some external repairs, however. I myself am unharmed, and the Decepticons have kept their end of the bargain." For now.

At those words, Perceptor transformed, the box-like vehicle clacking apart and sprouting lanky limbs, and the tiny Titan Master Convex folding into Perceptor's impassive face. Perceptor walked over to the prone body of Optimus Prime and nodded. "I shall provide as much assistance as my capabilities allow." He told Diac. "Most of our troops have evacuated underground. We were assaulted by a Class-B gestalt combiner. Codename: Demolition. With the Decepticons' aid we have neutralized the combiner and put our former tortured comrades to rest."

Demolition. Optimus Prime's voice said mournfully in Diac's head. Another testament to poor decisions that I have made. Thirteen great, young Autobots with broad futures ahead of them... Wedge, Prefab, Landscape, Bucketload... one of the many failures we have done. The only solace I can find is that their torture has finally ended.

It's not your fault, Prime. Diac replied. You did the best you could. You saved thousands when you evacuated Cybertron.

And let thousands more die, Diac... the planet, our home, died under my watch. I do not take lightly the lives we have saved, no, but so many lives... lost.
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