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(OOC: Since we've lost a few people, we're looking at increasing the number of characters people can play in order to inject a little more activity. I'm not sure if we've settled on a number, but we'd been talking about six. In that spirit...)

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The delicate lines slid into the dead Titan Master through the gaping hole in his torso armour, probing their way upwards through her neural network until they found the brain module. The needle-tips found their way into neural access ports, and memories began to flow back from the dead brain into a live one.

"Oh, yes," Necro muttered to himself. "Oh, you have such delicious secrets, my sweet. Such lovely pain..."

"You disgust me." Doomshot settled down behind the other Decepticon in dragon mode, his wings flapping lightly. Once his feet touched the ground, his mini-vehicle reconfigured itself around him into tyrannosaur mode. "Stop playing. It's time for you to get to work, yes..."

"Ah, but this is my work," Necro responded, neither looking up nor withdrawing his pnemosurgery lines.

"You work is whatever I tell you it is," Doomshot replied tartly.

"I take my orders from Megatron. Not from his disembodied face riding a dinosaur."

"Ah, so that's how it is to be?" Doomshot ground his teeth. Then he lunged forward, grabbed Necro's lines in one tiny hand and yanked them roughly out of the corpse he was examining.

Necro screamed out in pain as a feeling like a cold knife stabbed into his brain as the contact was abruptly broken.

"Megatron is inactive, yes. Our medic has...disappeared. He won't be functional again for some time. I am asserting command in his stead, and you will do as you are told." Doomshot smiled a threatening saurian smile as he snarled, "That won't be a problem...will it?"


Doomshot glared down at him expectantly.


"Good. Now pull yourself together. I have a job for you."

As Necro retracted his wounded lines into his hand and returned, chastened, to Full-Tilt, Vorath approached Doomshot waving a handful of printouts.

"Sir, you won't believe the luck! An acquaintance of mine shared some maps of the region. And while I'm not fully briefed on the objective of our mission here...well, I have a good idea what we're looking for, and I think they may have found it."

He passed one of the printouts to Doomshot, who awkwardly tried to read it for a few moments before realizing that his tyrannosaur arms were too short to bring it up to eye level. With a sigh, the beast split open and the Titan Master inside stepped out. Now that he was able to read it, he quickly understood what had Vorath so excited.

"I see." He nodded. "This is very interesting, yes..."

But his expression quickly turned into a scowl. "Unfortunately, Megatron didn't see fit to share the details of our objective with me." He held up a hand to forestall any questions. "He conducted the meetings with your Science Directorate superiors in tank mode, and was very careful not to dwell on the topic in robot mode. Our dear leader, it would seem, did not trust me. Or anyone else, for that matter. Which leaves us in a fine mess now that he's out of commission. Luckily for us..." He gestured back towards the cowed Necro, "...I know someone who specializes in recovering memories from inactive subjects."

"You intend to have him rip the memories from Megatron's inactive mind?" Vorath asked.

"You disapprove?" Doomshot responded coyly.

"I disapprove of doing anything that might end with me standing in front of a firing squad."

"Don't worry about Megatron," Doomshot assured him. "I can handle him. Yes..."

Vorath worried anyway.

Doomshot ignored him and activated his comm. "Revolver, I want you and Sixshot to find my...partner's body and bring it here."

Hardhead's cockpit popped open as soon as Diac came into view. Furos popped out and jogged towards his fellow Titan Master, trusting his larger counterpart to cover his back.

In the past I would have trusted Hardhead and Perceptor to cover me. But these days I'm not so sure that he won't just watch me be destroyed and make scientific observations.

As much as he liked to tell himself that this was the same Perceptor he'd always known, he had to admit that Convex was right. The scientist had changed, and not for the better.

Once he got close enough to talk to Diac without shouting across the field, he asked the other Autobot, "Are you battle-ready, if it comes to that? Is Optimus mobile?"
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