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It was less clear-cut in Beast Wars. The Predacons were supposedly "descendants" of the Decepticons, which implies that factions are hereditary to some degree. I suppose that any protoform that's brought online by the Preds is considered a Predacon by default? Just like how, say, the Stunticons or Constructicons were automatically branded as Decepticons when they were built in the 80s.

That isn't to say that they couldn't decide to follow their beliefs and change sides, but (outside of the small-scale war on prehistoric Earth) I'd imagine that social issues would make it impractical. If your average Maximal treats your average Predacon with the same amount of suspicion and scorn that Dinobot was on the receiving end of, you'd have to think most of them would rather go with the flow on their "natural" side instead of crossing the floor and still getting treated like an enemy.
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