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Dig site

A message, Sixshot-sama! On my frequencies.

I hear it, Revolver. We are bound mentally. Sixshot brought his fingers up to the side of his helmet. He found it rather odd that Doomshot would misplace his... larger body, but he supposed there was a reason that Megatron was missing in action during the whole gestalt battle. "This is Sixshot, sir. Acknowledged. I shall locate Lord Megatron's body."

He wanted to ask Doomshot just how the heck someone who turns into a head could really misplace the body he's bound to. He really wanted to ask. But he bit his tongue.

He shut off his communications system, glared at Chromedome one last time, and stalked off in search for Megatron. He supposed he would need to go ahead and look near the temporary medical bays. If Megatron was injured and bought in, he would be there.

Dig Site, Optimus's Position

Diac nodded to Furos. "I am, old friend. I am indeed ready for battle, should it be required." A bit rough along the edges, sure, a bit charred and injured from the battle with Megatron (note to self: do not climb on the arm with the fusion cannon) but such small injuries should not be allowed to deter him. He cannot.

Diac glanced at Optimus Prime. "If we could get Optimus's body to transform, I believe he would be mobile, although I'm not sure how mobile a truck would be in these tunnels. I do not believe his t-cog was damaged in the battle."

"The damage's not as severe as I feared, and I can ascertain that the Transformation Cog is undamaged." Perceptor said after a brief moment of poking in Optimus's opened chest. "While Brainstorm and I would be able to jury-rig a fix, I do believe that since I have determined that Prime is not in an immediately life-threatening condition, proper protocol is to call in a medic. I shall summon Cerebros to our position, if he had survived the crash -- I have not observed him at all throughout this particular ordeal."

Diac nodded. How many of our forces were lost, the Titan Master wondered briefly, and closed his optics. He glanced briefly towards Scourge and Fracas. "Decepticons, I... thank you for keeping your word and not harming me." He tried to not add a threat, some last jibe at how they'll be enemies, at the end of it, and barely succeeded.

"Cerebros, come in. Optimus Prime requires your aid." Perceptor's tinny voice filtered over the Autobot commlink, and Cerebros was jolted up. The medic was seeing to the wounds of one of the unfortunate Autobots who was attacked by the monstrous combiner and his devastating vortex-grinder, and was forced -- for the third time that day, to declare this particular case a hopeless one, and it was all he could do to shut off the pain centers and allow him to pass peacefully.

Dear Primus, dear Adaptus, dear Cancix, do not let our leader pass into the great void. Cerebros let out a silent prayer. There was nothing he could do for his patient, and he made a brief religious sign as he passed his outstretched palm over the optics of his current patient. "Go with peace into the Well of All Sparks." He whispered, before clicking the side of his helmet. "Copy that, Perceptor. I am en route."

Cerebros knew Perceptor treated him with disdain for the dual 'sins' of pacifism and faith. For someone who has claimed to have excised emotion from his brain, Cerebros found Perceptor to have far more bile and spite for someone who's supposed to have no emotion. But it was not really his part to judge others, was it not? He was not Primus, he was not part of the Guiding Hand, or the Covenant. He was merely Cerebros, Autobot field medic.

No, those selected by Primus were the likes of Optimus Prime, touched by the great light of the Creation Matrix itself. And if he was in trouble...

Cerebros broke at a little sprint as he raced towards where Perceptor had summoned him.
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