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Well that was a really good fully back on form two parter wasn't it?

This issue alone was incredibly dense, lots of ideas and movement of plot pieces. Probably more than in the first six issues put together.

After initially finding the coffin bot a bit inexplicable, I really liked the final reveal of what he was. It's nice to see one of the more interesting ideas from Age of Extinction (the manufactured Transformer that can do anything) get the potential chance to breath a bit more.

The Velocity/Nautica stuff was fantastic as well. Very Philip K Dick of course, but nice and creepy. Initially I thought Velocity was a bit wishy washy by deciding it was Nautica's choice (especially as you could argue her PTSD from Necroworld has left her unfit to agree to any medical procedure), I think few people would let a depressed friend go for a backstreet brain surgery even if it meant knocking them out (or in this case suggesting phoning up Cyclonus and asking for a loan from his vast wealth, I think he'd be down to help Skids), but upon thinking more about it I'd say it was true to her character even if it was clearly a poor choice.

Anode and Lug carried the lighter part of the plot, but romped along nicely and were great fun. Complete with the "I've got something in my hand that can hurt you" gag from the first Red Dwarf book.

Erm, no apparently that was inspired by Blackadder's Christmas Carol ("And the best thing is, it's the gift that keeps giving").

Flame left me a bit cold, I think because his body language was such a large part of the original and there was none of that here.

Oh that final page though. I'm amazed Maximum Dinobots was actually the last time we saw Scorpy in the present, I'd have sworn he cameoed in Last Stand. I suppose the Dille pre-war stuff and Reg has made it seem like not such an absence.

The Magnificence was of course, a rubbish badly thought out bit of nonsense. But so was Megatron's anti-matter eyes and Roberts had great fun unashamedly rehabilitating them, so I'm expecting some gleeful stuff from this.

All in all, a two parter the equal of upper level MTMTE. Feels like the shudder caused by the relaunch has corrected itself nicely. Lovely art as well.
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