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inside Liokaiser:

Leozak concentrated. He could feel what Liokaiser was thinking, and was trying to shove the thought home. Sadly, even with all of them concentrating, it was like trying to steer an aircraft carrier using the rudder from a sailboat.

A very small sailboat.

But it could be done. They'd done it before, they could do it again. And when they did, they'd have a modicum of freedom. Assuming that their Partners were still alive.

And to think, nobody on the team had been thrilled when they'd been lumped with that silly moniker. Breastforce. Deathcobra had even opted out entirely, gotten a rebuild, a new name, and reportedly killed when Defensor ran rampant through Darkmount.

But the rest of his team- Gaihawk, Hellbat, Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison- had stayed, adapting to having semiautonomous drones that could become their weapons, forming their breastplates.

And now, as Liokaiser ponderously came to the conclusion that the six drones locked onto his body could be used to scout for the Autobots and Decepticons, the drones could also provide them with one other thing, at least for a little while.

Freedom. Because after all his time, he was sick of his teammates.

Battle Station Ginrai:


Nightbeat, leaning back in the command throne, datapadd instruction manual for Ginrai's station mode held up in front of his face, paging through the manual, feet up, lowered the padd and looked around. Shrugging, he raised the manual again.

"Uh, Nightbeat-". Ginrai's warning was cut off as a set of black mecha-wolf paws landed on the back of the command throne, the paws attached to a darkish pink and black winged wolf thing, about the size of Roller, the wolf(complete with fur, he noticed with mild detachment) head's yellow-gold eyes glaring at him, drool dripping from it's bared mechafangs as it snarled.

"You're putting claw marks on my chair."

The wolfish face sneered at him. "SO WHAT? YOU IGNORED ME!"

"How was I to know you were talking to me? I'm not the only blue one here."

The wolf almost looked like he was going to go into meltdown. Then he twitched. His face softened, the wolf's ears folding back in a more friendly gesture. "I'm sorry. He gets like that. Let's hear it for neural inhibitors." The wolf chuckled weakly. Then part of his torso started to twitch.

Nightbeat lowered the padd. "Are you okay?"

The wolf's face took on a look of panic, the wings locking into a straight out position. "Not really. But we're here to ask if there's any kind of plan. Or medical help."

"Your guess is as good as mine. One Furos gets back with Optimus, or Diac, I'm hoping we'll have more info."

"Ah. Well, sorry to have bothered you. Bye." The mecha-wolf thing launched into the air, the wings flapping as it went back towards the Decepticons.

Nightbeat just stared after the retreating..... whatever it was, then slotted the padd back into the console. "Hey Ginrai, how up to date is your warbook?"

"My info files on active Decepticons was updated before we came here. Why?"

Nightbeat started typing away at the console. "I really want to know who and or what just happened."
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