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Skies over Cybertron

A lone white-and-purple starship shot through Cybertron's sulfur-tinged stratosphere, cutting through the thick clouds that were ejected into the sky as a result of Demolition's powerful grinding maw. The clouds parted and whirled around the air as the exhaust engine as the shuttle lazily spun in an arc towards the dig site.

Astrotrain had been hanging around on standby abroad the Nemesis before it's forced to leave orbit... and his role was more of an administrative resource management deal anyway instead of that of a common rank-and-file trooper. Not that Astrotrain didn't know how to throw a punch, but each soldier has his place in the great war machine that is the Decepticon cause.

As he neared the dig site, the front half of Astrotrain's shuttle mode split apart into legs, tailfins retracted, arms and fingers extended, and the small cockpit that fit Astrotrain's dimunitive Titan Master partner, Darkmoon, opened to eject the smaller Decepticon into the air. Darkmoon transformed into Astrotrain's head, and as Astrotrain's main body landed in a slight crouch, Darkmoon connected to his partner's head.

Astrotrain's optics blazed with crimson light as the neural connection was established. He straightened up and pulled his ion displacer rifle, scowling at the tinge of scorched metal and death in the air.

We've been stuck behind a desk far too long. Both mentalities that comprised the combined form agreed. They were Decepticons and were no stranger to war and battle, but throughout the past dozen years, Astrotrain's increasing rank has caused him to be bound behind a desk, managing troop and resource allocation for the greater good of the cause. With Cybertron turned into a barren wasteland and the neccessity of Titan Master process, resource management was far more critical than ever before, especially in a faction as... brutish and warlike as the Decepticons, for lack of a better word.

He could've gone with the Nemesis back to the Decepticon orbital stations or wherever it's dispatched to next, but Astrotrain and Darkmoon had agreed on joining this particular conflict, if only to collect information and observe the Autobots -- it was a rare chance to do so, a truce that lasted this long with leadership roles on both sides being involved, and while Astrotrain did not have any real concrete information, he suspected -- heard down the pipeline -- that something truly tremendous was involved in this digsite. And it was part duty and part curiousity that drives him this time. He had a good gut feeling for these things, and he knew that whatever is going on from these upcoming events it's going to be massive.

Astrotrain looked around. The unaffiliated, factionless gutless scum scurried away from his stone-faced glare and his above-average stature. But most of all, the bright, purple Decepticon crest that shone brightly on Astrotrain's wings. Cowards.

Astrotrain stalked down the entrance to the dig site, intent on finding leadership figures and assist them as necesssary.

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