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"Good," Doomshot told Sixshot. "I left it in the care of that DJD medic, Nickel, but she's stopped answering her comms. I'm sending you the last known location."

Nearby, Necro was rubbing his sore left hand, still aching from the abuse to his neural hookups.

As Mindwipe flew past the makeshift bivouac that the survivors had established at the mouth of the tunnels, he saw a familiar shape flying away from the Autobots' battle platform.

"Ah, Fangry. I see you surwiwed the battle. How truly vunderful that is to see, ah-ha-ha!"

Furos nodded to Diac. "That's good news. After your encounter with Megatron and the combiner, we feared the worst."

He glanced aside to Perceptor and added, "If Cerebros determines that it's safe for him to travel, we may need to rig him for towing. Most of our people are underground, by now, and I don't want any of us to stay exposed up here any longer than we need to."

Misfire cut through the air like a knife, his streamlined airframe and forward-swept wings making him look aggressive even though he was only flying a patrol mission. His main guns were powered down -- thankfully! -- but his sensors were at full strength. He was doing his best to keep an eye on the other combiners milling about near the site of the recent battle without attracting too much attention. Unfortunately, the job was easier said than done.

"You're wasting your time, man!" Aimless tapped away at the game on his datapad. "Those big dumb idiots aren't going to notice us, or anything else."

"The last one did, dude. He, like, squashed Nightlight and Darkstar." Misfire tried to keep his attention on the nearest gestalt, a tall, yellow and purple monster that seemed to be made up of mismatched insect parts. "This guy's headed towards the others, too."

"Yeah, but he's moving about as fast as Mindwipe's beast mode in a foot race," Aimless said. "Who cares?"

"Deathsaurus will care. Megatron too, if the thing tries to, like, eat any of our people. Well, anyone other than Starscream, anyway."

"Ah, who cares what they think?" Aimless asked. "They're the ones who sent us out here anyway. They just don't want us having any fun."

Misfire sighed. "Just pipe down, would you."

He activated his comm, making sure to mute the cockpit mike before he called through to Deathsaurus's channel. "Commander Deathsaurus, sir? is "commander", right? Anyway, I've, uh, done the flybys you asked for. There's eleven of the things nearby. Five of them look like they're headed in your direction. None of them are in a hurry but the closest one is probably only ten minutes out." After a moment's awkward silence he added, "Can I, uh, come back now?"
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