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Default So, Toys'R'Us are bankrupt...

They're probably not going to go out of business. Yet, anyway. But if they did, would it make much of a difference to any of us?

When I was a kid, I loved the place. And a decade and a half ago when this site spurred me to start collecting again, I'd guess I made about 75% of my toy purchases there because they were always the first to get stuff and they always had plentiful stock of multiple waves' worth of figures at a time. I got stuff at Walmart, Zellers and Superstore, sure, but TRU was my first stop. That changed a bit once I moved out, since I'd be at Walmart pretty frequently for other stuff and checking the toy department there was more convenient than making a special trip, but even then I'd still buy a lot at TRU because they usually had more selection.

But this year I've bought exactly two Transformers there -- one of them was a shelfwarmer that I sent off to Heinrad because his local stores skipped that wave. The other was a figure I'd seen two months earlier at Walmart and wouldn't pay full price for, but did grab while on sale. Mind you, for the first eight months of the year they had multiple coupon promotions that made it cheaper to shop there than online or local stores, so I always checked them out first when I was on the lookout for something new. And I still couldn't find anything to buy! They were always a wave or two behind at a minimum, and that's on the rare occasions when they actually had something in stock and hadn't just stuffed the Generations shelf space with random RiD or whatever else.

They've been doing a remarkably poor job of actually selling toys to me the last few years, so in a practical sense I probably won't miss them very much. But on the other hand, they're one of only two places that actually sell toys to any great degree in the city, and it would really suck if Walmart was the only game in town. Zellers is gone, Target is gone, Sears and the Bay stopped stocking toys regularly a decade ago, most of the close-out stores that sold off old stock are gone, and Real Canadian Superstore is retreating more and more from the idea of being a "department store" to focus on selling groceries, so their toy offerings have shrunk from a section as big as Walmart's to basically selling dollar store fodder. And I enjoy shopping for toys, so it kinda sucks to not have anywhere to actually do that.

I dunno. I guess I hope they get their shit together before they go out of business, and go back to being an actually useful store. But if the shambling corpse that they've been for the last couple years now is what they're going to be in the future, then I don't think it would actually impact me very much if they went under. Just one less disappointing place to stop during my weekly grocery trip.
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