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I haven't bought Transformers from them in years. Most of the time I find them over-priced, rarely to go on clearance. And as you said, they're typically a wave or two behind. I usually lean on the Deluxe class, but it's really hard to pick one up there when I've usually found it for $5 less at Walmart a month or so previous.

I won't even start on Masterpiece stuff (that I don't buy) or large figs (that I usually don't buy, like TR Fort Max) that seems significant'y overpriced. When discount stores like Marshalls, Ross, and TJ Maxx are offering Fort Max for $50, how do you justify keeping the $150-170 price tag at TRU?

I think the only thing I've picked up there in recent history was their Multiverse Wonder Woman exclusive figure and Star Wars Infinity figures on deep clearance. Otherwise, I'm only in there when my kids have a gift card. I don't think I'll be too affected, though I don't quite like shopping Walmart.

Like you, I thoroughly enjoyed going there as a kid - it really had a sense of wonder about it - something I hope my kids can enjoy too. Here's hoping they don't go completely belly up.

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