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TRU for me has always been something a bit hard for me to get to (until they opened one just a few miles from me a few years back - and in a city centre, which has got to be a first) as its always been at one of those out of town retail parks that America bequeathed the world. So, for the longest time, it just wasn't something I could shop at or get to easily (I don't drive).

Since I've had one on my doorstep, I have shopped there fairly frequently, but they've just become as hit and miss as every other retailer and part of that is down to the same old problems you'll hear from everyone who doesn't live in America : The waves system doesn't work for us!

In the UK, Smyths and The Entertainer have really stepped up and largely beaten TRU at their own game. Smyths in particular seems to have run with TRUs template and done it better - decent web offering, good product selection and - and this is key - stores that you can actually get to without having to make a 'special trip'. Out of town warehouse stores might make sense in the US for ...reasons, but here in the UK, they've always been an odd fit and a lot of these out of town barns have been struggling for a long time. Particularly since the internet arrived and made day long drives to these places unnecessary (witness the sad fate of Borders- no one goes to an out of town retail park to a bookshop).

I worked at TRU for a short period of time over Xmas 2010 and really enjoyed it. Although I'm still baffled with the American distribution system of blind receiving a tightly packed 40ft trailer's worth of individually boxed items ... and having no idea what you're getting or what you're actually going to end up having in stock. Sure, you've got a manifest, but its a crapshoot whether you've got what's on it.
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