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I haven't bought Transformers from them in years. Most of the time I find them over-priced, rarely to go on clearance. And as you said, they're typically a wave or two behind. I usually lean on the Deluxe class, but it's really hard to pick one up there when I've usually found it for $5 less at Walmart a month or so previous.
They don't overprice things here anymore, surprisingly enough! They used to, but now sell the lines I buy for the same price as Walmart, and unlike Walmart they actually have sales! So at least I can't complain about that. Now if only they had stock...

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I won't even start on Masterpiece stuff (that I don't buy) or large figs (that I usually don't buy, like TR Fort Max) that seems significant'y overpriced. When discount stores like Marshalls, Ross, and TJ Maxx are offering Fort Max for $50, how do you justify keeping the $150-170 price tag at TRU?
We don't have stores like that. Well, we actually do have Marshalls stores up here now, but the toy "department" is about twelve square feet. For whatever reason, most of our retailers have decided that toys aren't worth selling, not even in the loss leader capacity that Walmart uses them for. Which is silly because at least 25% of my grocery spending happens when I go in to a Walmart because someone posted a toy sighting and figure "Well, I'm here anyway, I might as well get..." and wind up leaving with $25 of groceries that I would have otherwise bought at Safeway even if I don't find the toy I was looking for. Used to do the same at Target, for the hour and a half or so that Target stores were open up here. Can't do it anywhere else now, even though I'd love to.

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In the UK, Smyths and The Entertainer have really stepped up and largely beaten TRU at their own game. Smyths in particular seems to have run with TRUs template and done it better - decent web offering, good product selection and - and this is key - stores that you can actually get to without having to make a 'special trip'. Out of town warehouse stores might make sense in the US for ...reasons, but here in the UK, they've always been an odd fit and a lot of these out of town barns have been struggling for a long time. Particularly since the internet arrived and made day long drives to these places unnecessary (witness the sad fate of Borders- no one goes to an out of town retail park to a bookshop).
The funny thing is that the city centres in most North American cities are in various stages of urban decay because no one wants to shop there. Most of the big downtown retailers in my city have either been boarded up or demolished, and the one that's still just barely hanging on is a shadow of its former self that the owners are literally trying to give away for free with no takers. No one lives downtown here because we have tons of space and it's way cheaper to build a new suburb than to redevelop inner-city areas that are past their best-before date (unless you're in New York City or one of the other small number of cities where geographic constraints prevent out-of-control sprawl). So the suburban big-boxes are closer to where people live than a downtown shopping district.

I think a lot of the North American retailers who've tried to get in on the European market have a hard time wrapping their heads around how different your cities are.
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