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Makeshift campsite:

Having managed to annoy or disturb everybody in his general vicinity, Fangry was somewhat pleased with himself.

Sadly, he was also bored. He'd toyed with the idea of flying out, finding one of the so-called Titan Masters that had been killed in the battle with the combiner, and bringing the body back so he'd have something to chew on. But he did realize this wouldn't go over well. Not that he overly cared what anybody else thought, but the big problem was Brisko. That kind of behavior might engage the overrides.

If he ever found out who did that to his exoshell, he'd make them undo the neural inhibitors, then he'd take great pleasure in devouring them. Slowly. Enjoying every morsel.

Enjoying their every scream.

Savoring the hot splashing of their vital fluids in his mouth, across his muzzle, the hot scents of death filling his olfactory sensors.

It was one of the many reasons he loved his alt mode, and why he hadn't killed Brisko by now.

His ears pricked up at the sound of his name, and he looked up to see a large mechanical bat flap by. Oh, joy. Batbrain. "Of course I survived." He arced up, using the air cannon in his tail as a booster, falling into formation, as it were, next to Mindwipe. "So where are we going?"
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