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The ones near us seem to get rid of stock quicker than they used to - not necessarily as in don't have shelves jammed with the first wave but are less likely to have something random five years old reduced to 1 or whatever; I'm guessing a lot of it gets shipped out to B&M/Home Bargains-type places. I used to go often enough to note about five pegs of Armada Laserbeaks just vanished in about a month around mid-Energon without seemingly getting reduced, though at the same time they memorably obliterated the prices for the Commemorative Series figures around the same time. Mind, Hasbro UK *generally* seem to have a fair handle on how much stock the country will take by-and-large, it's very rare to see the figures heavily reduced outside of supermarkets especially now whoever does the purchasing for Argos has stopped buying Masterpieces.

Also this.
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