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There's some truth to that, sure. I've seen lot of people having nostalgic boo-hoos over it in the same breath as admitting that they hadn't been in the store in 20 years and buy all their kids' stuff off of Amazon. But I don't like the implication that this is somehow "our fault", because that absolves TRU themselves of any responsibility for their own demise. People didn't stop shopping there because we all decided to be jerks one day, we stopped shopping there because TRU's business practices suck. They can't keep popular lines in stock, overstock unpopular stuff that no one wants, and made a huge investment in baby products at exactly the moment that subscription services exploded and took a big bite out of retail sales.

Seriously, fresh diapers just show up at our doorstep once a month now and it's the best thing ever. Babies'R'Us would have to undercut Amazon's price by 10 or 15% just to make up for the convenience factor of not having to lug the damned things home. And that's not to mention the fact that they don't even stock the type we want! That right there is probably $400 in sales a year per kid for two-ish years that TRU can't even begin to compete for with their current business model.
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