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"The Justice Division are quite loyal to Megatron, yes..." Doomshot's tone implied that, in fact, he didn't consider that a good thing. Then he asked Sixshot, "have you found the body yet?"

"I vas searching for my Titan Master partner," Mindwipe told Fangry, visibly disappointed by the other Transformer's continued existence. "He vent this vay in the hopes of making the scientists diwulge information that might be useful."

His batlike head swivelled from side to side, and then he let out a high-pitched sonic "scream". Most Transformers couldn't hear. The echolocation pulse would allow him to get a good read of the entire area and potentially to locate Vorath. More importantly, though, he hoped it would irritate the other Decepticon's sensitive canine ears.

"Sorry," he lied in a clearly unapologetic tone. "Ve bats have poor eyesight. I'll newer find Worath by just looking for him." He glanced across at the smaller Transformer. "After I find him? I suppose vhere ve go depends on vhat kind of information ve can extract."

"If Optimus Prime had fallen, it would have been in battle, doing his duty to protect the innocent. No end could be more honourable and the Allspark would have sung great songs in his name." Furos set his jaw. "But in point of fact, he didn't fall, Diac, and neither did you. A testament to both of your skills in combat."

He gave Cerebros a sideways glance. "How long will it take to convert him to vehicle mode? Our position could come under renewed combiner attack at any minute."
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