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Default [CUSTOM] Titans Return Freeway (Done!)

Normally I wouldn't post anything until the project was done, but with how busy I seem to be these days, I'm hoping that posting about it in public will ensure I actually finish!

The last Transformer I'd taken apart for a custom was Generations Scoop, so I just have to say, are they built a lot more lightly these days! Taking apart TR Roadburn only required me to take out two screws and one pin. Unfortunately there were also a couple one-way pins in the feet that I'd have liked to take out but couldn't without risking damage. But almost everything was ball-jointed or otherwise only held together with friction. It's a big departure from the screw and pin heavy figures of old. They're probably less sturdy now, but damn if it doesn't make doing this a lot quicker.

As far as progress on the custom itself goes...well, I'll let Freeway's Throttlebot buddy Chase get you up to date.

Now I just need to actually find the right blue before I can go any farther. Thankfully a huge hobby store has opened up right on my normal route home from work since the last time I did any customizing.
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