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"By all means," Doomshot told Sixshot. "I require it for certain...activities."

Then he turned to Astrotrain and said, "You are here, yes..."

Doomshot stood up from the rock he'd been sitting on, his bestial "partner" hopping along beside him in dragon mode.

"Now, why is that? I don't see any desks here that need flying. Could it be that High Command feels the need to have one of their number keeping an eye on their dear leader at all times? Oh, I believe they do, yes..."

He looked up (way, way up) at the other Decepticon. "You mention the Justice Division? I left Megatron in their care, as it happens. But that's beside the point. I can understand their blind loyalty to a degree. But, Astrotrain, I must ask why you and your ilk are still bending the knee to one that you so clearly have no more faith in."

Doomshot knew that he should keep his fury under control, but faced with a member of High Command -- even a tertiary one like Astrotrain -- it was a struggle. He had been bonded to Megatron under their orders, without being made aware of his new partner's...deficiencies or how hostile he was to the concept of being paired with a Titan Master, and he did not care for that kind of treatment one bit.

The Titan Master crossed his arms and narrowed his optics as he challenged the other Decepticon. "Megatron is incapable of leading and High Command has done nothing to bring about his removal, merely tried to mask the issue by tethering him to stable Titan Masters like myself until his madness burns them out. Do explain to me how that makes you any less incompetent than him. Because I am not inclined to listen to any requests from the council right now, no..."

"No," Furos told Diac bluntly. "We suffered significant losses in the fight against..." Furos stopped himself from saying the combiner's name, not wanting to think again about the friends who'd been a part of demolition. "We suffered significant losses in the battle. Our forces are in retreat, mostly in the underground tunnels. Ginrai and his new partner are securing the entrance, but frankly I assigned them that task more to make our troops feel safe than because I actually think his battlestation mode would be able to fend off another combiner attack. On the bright side, if you could consider it that, the Decepticons are in an equally ragged state of disarray."

He shrugged. "As much as I might like to put another combiner or two out of their misery, I know that's not what we're here for. Unfortunately I don't know why we are here, and that made it difficult for me to do anything more than stage a retreat in Prime's absence."
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