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Fangry's ears folded back in annoyance as Mindwipe 'screamed', his muzzle curling, baring his fangs. "Ya know, bat-breath, you could ask me to find your little pain in the skidplates. I might have to chew his arm off in payment, but I could find him a lot easier than you ever will."


Nightbeat frowned as he stared at the holoimage of Fangry slowly rotating in the display. "So that's a Fangry. I wonder why they-ah! Ah! AH!" He clapped his hands over his audio receptors. "What in the...." His voice trailed off as he looked up, seeing Fangry and Mindwipe up in the sky. "Well, as least he found somebody else to annoy......"


Firedrive walked towards Hot Rod, approaching him from the rear. He watched the brake lights flare briefly as Hot Rod noticed him. He looked at the sweeping chrome exhausts, the soot blackened turbine exhaust mounted between the massive dual afterburners. The aileron flaps mounted on the yellow/orange wing, the flame decal next to the canopy. Such a great looking vehicle mode.

Tied to such an angry, bitter old Autobot.

But he could do this. He could keep himself from being pulled into the abyss that was Hot Rod's anger. He could keep his spark separate.

He hoped.


"Can I have my guns back?"

Stylor looked around. No Sixshot meant no worry about breaking the fragile truce. And if any more Combiners showed up, they'd need all the firepower they could get. "Fine. But don't make me regret this." He reached back in and plugged the component back in.
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