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Originally Posted by ganon578 View Post
I won't even start on Masterpiece stuff (that I don't buy) or large figs (that I usually don't buy, like TR Fort Max) that seems significant'y overpriced. When discount stores like Marshalls, Ross, and TJ Maxx are offering Fort Max for $50, how do you justify keeping the $150-170 price tag at TRU?
To be fair, the only reason TJ Maxx, etc. sell stuff like Fort Max for $50 is that's the surplus stores like TRU didn't move. If $50 was really the going rate for Fort Max, Hasbro wouldn't make Fort Max.

Overall, TF distribution is bad enough that I'd pay the extra buck or two TRU charges if I found something there, just to be sure I didn't miss it. But, TRU doesn't seem to get stuff any quicker than other places. I think most of the stuff I've bought at TRU lately has been stuff I can't find elsewhere, like exclusive TLK deluxe Skullitron and Megatron, or LEGO Ideas.

There's 4 TRUs that I hit semi-regularly, at least once every 2 months. If some of them close, I should be able to get most of the TRU exclusives I want. But, only 1 of those 4 carries the new MP Optimus. I think they also stock the most TR boxsets. If that one closes, I may miss out on a few things.

Worse for me is Benny's, a regional chain, closing all 31 of their stores. The one mentioned here, where the employee didn't know about the closing until the reporter called to ask about it, is a 5 minute walk from my house.

They haven't carried CHUG in years, but their regular prices on RiD and Movie stuff matched Target, and they'd have 20% off sales every couple of months. I got a decent chuck of my RiD Warriors there for $12 each. Once they're gone, the only places for me to get TFs less than 40 minutes drive each way will be Wal-mart and Walgreens.

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