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Drillhorn scowled. This was really disconcerting. So he decided to let the drone drive.

He'd never quite understood why the techs had done this. Yes, the drone 'Partners', as Leozak liked to call them, did come in handy. Not only did they double as weapons, but they could be used as scouts.

But what Drillhorn had never quite understood was why they'd been modeled on animals from a planet he'd never heard of.

'What the hell is a rhinoceros?' He distinctly remembered asking that very question when he'd been assigned this particular drone. There'd been some handwavey response about it resembling his helmet, and off he was sent.

And now here he was, who knew how many years later, having to rely on the drone to search for Autobots and Decepticons. It wasn't the most fun he'd ever had, mainly because the image felt somewhat oddly distorted.

His only other regret, at the moment, was that in all of his tinkering, he hadn't upgraded the rhino's neural nets very much. The rhino was a boring conversationalist.


How he'd missed this. Sweet Primus and all his ugly Avatars, how he'd missed this.

The pink and white hawk drone soared through the air, diving and looping with all the joy of a long imprisoned bird celebrating it's freedom. Gaihawk had needed this. Needed it so badly. Being trapped for so long as a right arm had been marginally better than being locked in that Autobot prison. Marginally.

But now he was free. Free to fly. Free to hunt.

Free to kill Autobots.


Killbison was not on board with this plan. It wasn't that he didn't like his drone. He liked it a lot. It was a good companion. They thought a lot alike.

That being said, neither of them were mental giants.

The problem was, as the mechanical bison drone stood there staring at the gigantic combiner before him, it was kind of strange. He could see himself, the right leg, standing there.

His armor was battered, scratched, covered with rust streaks, grime, and dirt. 'Wow. I really need a bath.......'


The mechanical lion sat majestically atop a parapet, taking in it's surroundings. Leozak swept the drone's optics across the tortured landscape. Combiners moved in the distance, some fighting, some digging, some just wandering.

It actually gave some perspective. Yes, being stuck in a combiner had gotten old surprisingly quick, but from the looks of things, Breastforce as a whole had gotten lucky. Liokaiser wasn't a mindless, savage brute- well, not completely- but they were in far better shape than the rest of the Combiners out there.

Now all they had to do was find the Autobots and Decepticons.


The jaguar stretched, then started loping along through the landscape. Jalgar paused to sniff the air, then the ground, then continuing his run. It didn't match what he remembered of really being able to move, but but it was far better than being stuck with the others.


Wings flapping, the mechanical bat flew across the sky. Yet despite the apparent freedom, Hellbat guarded his thoughts. It only felt like freedom.

He could still sense the others. After all, all they were doing was activating the remote feeds on their drones so they could take in the view, maybe control the drones remotely. And given how quickly they'd scattered in different directions to see new things and not have to look at each other for a while, he was pretty certain he wouldn't see any of the others.

But he still needed to keep his thoughts in line. If Leozak even suspected that he wanted to replace him as the team leader......

But did he? He'd had enough time to think about how great it would be to lead the team, and while it would be....... He'd have Liokaiser stuck in his head. And after all this time, he didn't think having Liokaiser stuck in his head was a great idea anymore.

He could, he supposed, delegate. He'd be the leader, but he'd let Leozak keep Liokaiser. That, he could work-

Then he heard it. A faint sonar scream. He thought he knew the direction it was coming from, too.

Being the one to find the way to decouple them from being Liokaiser would certainly give him a good boost to becoming team leader. He flapped off in the direction it had come from.

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