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I have exactly the same sentiments about my reissue G1 Hot Rod...he kinda sucks but I love him anyway. I wound up putting the forearms from my 80s version onto him so that he could hold Firebolt, since I grew up with the Targetmaster (and subsequently destroyed it so thoroughly that nothing but the forearms were still functional!)

Ironically, the thigh stickers on mine back in the 80s weren't cut properly so I never managed to get them off of the sticker sheet.

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I liked the early Hasbro ones where they'd done them up like the original releases. It's a shame they didn't stick with this packaging design and instead tried to pointlessly mimic the Takara Book Box look, but with no effort.
Agreed! They definitely hit a nice nostalgic note with those first couple waves' worth of boxes and the later ones with their boring photoshopped Dreamwave art were nowhere near as eye-catching. I'm guessing it was a marketing ploy to capitalize on the popularity of the Takara stuff?
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