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See, I'm daft. I have the Takara reissue that does the Targetmaster and the regular guns, but I saw this and ...just had to have it.

I do think the Book Box look was an attempt to latch onto the Takara stuff, but without all the extra stuff, you've just got....a waste of cardboard. And whilst the boxes were the same size, with a completely different design approach they don't sit well on the shelf together, so what's the point? And whilst some of the DW art was nice, not everyone was Don Fig. And I liked the original art from off of the toys.

...that's why I bought all the Encore stuff, so now I have two of everything. Like an idiot. Sigh. Collecting is weird. Between that and having stuff like the Guiledart mould four times over, I have a collection that simultaneously has variety and none at all.
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