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Dig Site:

Fangry made a low growling sound in the back of his throat. "What makes you think I enjoy spending time with you? I just want someone to eat."

And then he spied Astrotrain. "All riiii-". He spasmed, the fur on his head and neck bristling briefly before settling down.

Brisko gave a weary sigh. "All I wanted to be was assigned to a researcher. That's all I wanted. Not this frothing lunatic." "He looked over at Mindwipe. "He wants me to transform to dragon mode so we can dive bomb Astrotrain, rain plasma fire down on his head, land on his shoulders, rip his head off, and eat 'the gooey center'. Gooey center of what?"

Approaching Dig Site:
(But still quite a ways off)

Again. Fainter this time, but there it is again.

The bat drone flapped steadily onwards.
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